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Training Materials Receiving Rave Reviews...

    This web page is designed to briefly inform you of quality up-to-date products provided by Metcalf Educational Services to help you attain your CPS and CAP administrative professional ratings! Thousands of candidates for these certification exams have used our program, and many have indicated they've passed all parts of the test in their first attempt or have done very well after using our materials. Here are a few examples of individuals who have contacted us raving about our review materials:

  • Mary Burris CPS of Lothian, Maryland, wrote us saying, "I feel certain that it was an integral part of my success in passing all parts of the exam in just one sitting."
  • Barbara Griggs CPS/CAP of Peapack, New Jersey, wrote to us: "The [Part IV] review materials...were a great help. Since the cassettes and the text were [closely correlated], the subject matter was reinforced and the flashcards were a great follow up. Thank you...for preparing a great study aid."
  • Barbara Nicely CPS of Powell, Tennessee, indicated "Thanks for all of your help...I am delighted to endorse your CPS review series [materials]...I consider myself living proof of their effectiveness."
  • And Cindy Busby CPS/CAP of Springfield, Missouri, told us, "Guess who I owe my success to? YOU, that's who!!! You have my undying gratitude!"

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The International Association of Administrative Professionals is service/certificaton mark holder for the terms CAP(CM), CPS? Certified Professional Secretary ? and Certified Administrative Professional ? IAAP can be reached on the Web at the following site: www.iaap-hq.org (email: service@iaap-hq.org).


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